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Cloud Computing Helps Level The Playing Field For SMEs

As cloud computing has grown more accessible to start-up companies looking for IT systems, small and mid-size businesses are beginning to see the cloud as their opportunity to compete with larger organizations.

SMEs that utilize the potential of cloud computing can essentially level the playing field for themselves and get the competitive edge that would otherwise be impossible against bigger companies.  Cloud computing reduces IT costs making it possible for small businesses to invest in infrastructure technology that would otherwise require too much capital to obtain.

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Cloud Computing Pay-As-You-Go 

Cloud computing is operated on a pay-as-you-go basis which has opened up the opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses to take advantage of its benefits. With a cloud infrastructure a smaller business can easily move all or some of their workload to an outsourcing partner. The type of benefits enjoyed through cloud computing have been previously unavailable to small and mid-sized businesses due to a lack of infrastructure and capital.

The on-demand system of cloud computing is also beneficial for companies that are constantly growing and need to keep buying new equipment. Cloud computing allows these rapidly growing businesses the chance to scale up without losing money on expensive equipment or worrying about maintaining a large infrastructure, servers and storage.

Switching To The Cloud 

Switching to the cloud can offer small and mid-sized businesses the chance to compete not only with larger businesses but also access a more global customer base. With cloud computing, taking a service or product across the world no longer requires extra resources or overseas offices.

SMEs can tap into new markets that they would not have the ability to target without cloud service. They can begin to place products before global buyers with cloud computing and grow on an international scale.

Competitive Edge

Along with the competitive edge, switching to cloud services offers smaller businesses a way to cut down on IT costs significantly. Reports have shown that the overwhelming majority of businesses utilizing cloud computing have been able to reduce costs by 10-20%.

Those that have embraced this technology have also found that enables them to grow faster as a business and employ more people as well. Cutting down costs and reducing the stress of maintaining an IT department is a way for small and medium companies to focus their energy on growth and better business.

Cloud Computing Has Grown 

Even though cloud computing has grown in popularity in recent years there are still many SMEs that have not taken advantage of the possibilities that it holds for them. Cloud computing is one of the few technological advances that specifically benefits SMEs and provides opportunities for them to compete on a bigger scale in new markets.

Small and mid-sized enterprises need to be more aware of the transformation that could take place if they implemented cloud computing into their business. Cloud computing is a cost-effective IT solution that offers the potential for growth on a global scale and it is only when SMEs understand its importance that they can experience the benefits for themselves.

About the Author: Leo Hart is a cloud computing expert and works with Custom Cloud to help provide companies with customized cloud solutions learn more at their website.

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