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G-Cloud Government Procurement Platform Welcomes Open Source

There has just been confirmation that Sirius has been given its place on G-Cloud by the UK Government. The G-Cloud, a cross government initiative which aims to bring ICT services into government departments and the public sector, provide these services through the CloudStore – which Sirius will use in order to make its presence known, and its open source products available.

So What Does Sirius Do?

As an open source company, it provides an alternative to proprietary software. It provides network and infrastructure productivity software to medium and enterprise level organisations –with the aim of increasing general productivity and lowering risk. As a firm, Sirius also aims to dish out a certain amount of application development expertise and technical support.

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Taking a look at what Sirius has on offer to the public, there are a myriad of services that the buyer is sure to identify and make use of with ease – such as the web server Apache and the application server JBoss. Buyers will also come across the software implementation of a telephone or (VoIP) Asterisk, the proxy Squid and the directory server, OpenLDAP.

As it stands, the government have been proceeding with the intention of boosting the availability of public sector ICT. They wish to make this process as easy and as clear to the buyer as they possibly can. Because of the Cloudstore’s connection with G-Cloud (in that all services available through CloudStore are listed on the G-Cloud framework) all services provided by the former become available to the public sector.

For consumers, this results in a number of benefits well worth a mention. For one, each buyer will know from the get-go that products and services being purchased will be government-approved – which basically means they will meet certain government criteria, in terms of agility, efficiency and value for money.
At the same time, it eliminates that often inconvenient need to issue OJEU (the official gazette of record for the European Union) tenders – which is sure to make for a lot of time saved.

Open Source Procurement

It also means, as stated by the CEO of Sirius Mark Taylor, that the myth of open source firms being unsupportable is being taken apart piece by piece. He says, “It’s time to lay to rest the ogre of procurement”; wise words and a really encouraging sign for those in the open source business. In addition to this, it should be mentioned that the G-Cloud framework supplier list has shown some surprising results – for one, it is said to have almost doubled in size since it first appeared.

Furthermore, despite the fact that there are still some bigger companies present on the list, it can now be said to be made up of a majority (up to a whopping 75%) of small to medium-sized firms. Now how is that for some highly encouraging news for all those smaller, Sirius-sized companies? And this news is certainly something for all those open source companies to get excited about.

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