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How Cloud Servers Can Help Your Business Save Money

Cloud computing has fast become a very important way for businesses to do the things that they need to do. In this current economic landscape, cost is a serious concern in almost every decision that is made. Because of this, cloud computing has become extremely important for businesses to continue operating at the efficiency that they need, but at a much smaller over head cost. With overall budgets for IT shrinking, something needs to be done to address the growing business demands of a much smaller IT unit. This is why cloud computing fits so well into the current business framework.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, in simple terms, is computing over the Internet. In the past business would run all of their software and systems off of physical drives, servers and other types of media. Computing with cloud servers allows people to work with the exact same type of flexibility that they would usually have with physical drives and servers, but their would be the added space and cost of not having to run a large group of high end servers. Cloud computing has been increasingly growing in popularity, with some groups predicting that by 2014 most small businesses will spend upwards of $100 billion on cloud hosting services and other types of web hosting services. Because of this, it is important that you get on the fore front of the cloud server hosting business, as you cannot afford for your business to fall behind.

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are many different benefits that your business can see if you switch to a cloud hosting solution for your businesses IT. Cloud server hosting offers a much more flexible solution than traditional servers. Cloud based servers have a vast amount of server space that can be utilized in the event that you need extra bandwidth. Disaster recovery is another big reason why companies prefer using the cloud for their computing needs. Cloud computing can handle many disaster recover situations. One business group found during a study that computing systems that were using cloud based computing solutions were able to recover and resolve issues in an average of 2.1 hours, which was nearly 4 times faster than other businesses that did not use the cloud. This can be a considerable help for your business. Don’t let a disaster take your business down, because time equals money. Get a cloud based computer solution and handle your disaster recovery with ease.

Cloud Computing can Increase Security and Help the Environment

Every year, somewhere near 800,000 laptops are reported lost or stolen in airports alone, and that can have serious implications on your businesses bottom line as well as its security. Cloud based hosting prevents this, because all of your information is stored virtually. The environment is a huge concern for everyone, and businesses that take advantage of cloud computing do their part to help cut back on waste. Cloud based servers eliminate the need for local servers which means your business will spend less money on equipment, and in turn have less equipment to get rid of. It is because of these reasons and many more why cloud computing is important to the current business landscape.

About the Author: Tim is a writer from South London who enjoys working with computers, gadgets and anything to do with the Internet. If you are interested in learning more about cloud hosting services and the benefits of cloud servers, Tim suggests visiting a provider like VPS.NET.

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