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What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is revolutionising the way that people store data. Cloud storage is something that can be used by anyone but it is extremely popular in the business world because it’s simply too easy to fill up a computer’s hard drive with documents that you can’t get rid of. Cloud storage offers an online storage option that is maintained by a third party so rather than having to decide which documents need to be sacrificed when you fill up the space you have available on your machine or installing extra hard drive memory – which will make your computer run more slowly – you can access all of your files over the internet.

For the people that already use some form of cloud storage the benefits are obvious but for those that aren’t as familiar with it here are some of its main advantages.

COST: When you run out of space on your computer’s hard drive it can be expensive if you then have to buy an external hard drive to store your extra data and maintain it yourself. It’s important to perform regular backups on an external hard drive which takes a lot of time, which can consequently cost a business quite a lot each month. With cloud storage though you pay a low monthly fee for a large amount of storage space and its maintenance.

o    SPACE: Essentially, as far as the majority of people are concerned, when you store your data with cloud storage it’s invisible because it doesn’t take up any valuable space on your computer, desk or in your office. You can access the data that you’ve stored at any time, from any location via the internet.

SECURE: Cloud storage makes it possible to store confidential and sensitive information more securely than ever before – in fact this kind of information is probably safer saved with cloud storage than it is on your own computer. Whatever information you store using cloud storage can only be accessed by authorised users and when not in use the files are encrypted so that they can’t be accessed by anyone else.

AUTOMATED: If you choose to buy another hard drive rather than using cloud storage then you have to commit to the regular backups that it will require and, because they’re so time consuming, the reality is that they’re unlikely to get done which means that you could lose your saved data at any time. With cloud storage however, all of this is automated which means that all you have to do is select the documents and files that you want to back up and the system will do the rest for you – which means  there’s no waiting around.

ACCESSIBLE: With cloud storage you can access your saved data from anywhere whether you’re on a tablet, desktop PC or smart phone which makes remote working easier than ever.

SYNCHING: Whenever you save a file on any device it will automatically sync the most recent copy to all of the devices you’ve used with cloud storage before so when you save a copy on your laptop it will also be available on your phone.

About the Author: Aaron Dobson is a business owner and rather than spending a lot of money on new hard drives he uses and has every document backed up for a low monthly fee.

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